Beer Pong

Social Games

Beer pong is a more social game then pool, darts or shuffleboard. And Der Hinterhof is a social place! So instead of the more traditional tavern style games, we offer several beer pong tables for fun. It is an all ages game, however beer consumption as a consequence for cupped balls is of course restricted to the over 21 crowd.
Beer Pong House Rules
1.  No beer on the ping-pong table. Use water in the cups.
2.  Set up six (6) cups at each end of table in pyramid formation, or in such other formation as is agreed on in advance.
3.  Make up teams (ironman or dynamic duo).
4.  Agree on amount of beer to be consumed for successful shots.
5.  Rock, Paper, Scissors determines who starts play.
6.  Object is to land ball into cup on opposite end of table.
7.  Ball toss may be underhand, overhand or bounce, provided the ball is released behind the back edge of the table.
8.  Receiving team may blow on a ball while in transit, but not after landing in a cup. Ball in transit cannot be otherwise interfered with. An interfered ball counts the same as a ball landing in a cup.
9.  Ironman (one player each side) toss one ball per turn. If toss is successful, beer is consumed, and ball is returned for another turn. If toss is unsuccessful, opposing player retrieves ball and initiates turn.
10. Dynamic Duo (two players each side) toss one ball each per turn. If both tossed balls land in cups, two beers are consumed, and the balls are returned for another turn. If only one tossed ball lands in a cup, one beer is consumed, and the opposing team retrieves both balls and initiates turn. If neither tossed ball lands in a cup, opposing team retrieves both balls and initiates turn.
11. Cups are removed after ball lands in cup.
12. Each team may ask once for remaining cups to be re-racked
13. First team to successfully land six (6) balls in cups is the winner.