Booking Info

In the interest of a family friendly environment, we keep our food and snack prices low, we generally don't impose a cover charge* and, consequently, we don't have much money to pay for talent.

Musicians and booking agents are welcome to inquire about performing at der Hinterhof. The following guidelines apply:

1. Talent never gets paid enough. We all know that.
2. Talent that is passing through can usually get a complimentary hotel room at Adventure Inn, especially sunday-friday. If not a hotel room, we do offer a Musician break room, pictured here, with two double sofa sleepers and a private bath across the hall.
3. Talent can ask for additional activities, and we can probably secure inner tubing trips, etc at no charge.
4. Der Hinterhof never charges a cover charge* for our customers.
5. Talent can do on-site merchandise and CD sales. 
6. Tip jar, or pass the hat is dedicated Talent revenue unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Our basic plan for the outdoor season (MaiFest - Octoberfest) is to offer music as follows:

Fridays:          7:30 – 10:00   preference on acoustic, but can also be dance music
Saturdays:      1:00 – 3:30     preference on acoustic, easy listening, folk, jazz and the like
Saturdays:      4:00 – 6:00     preference on acoustic, easy listening, folk, jazz and the like
Saturdays:      6:30 – 8:00     preference on acoustic, easy listening, folk, jazz and the like

New for 2012, we have an indoor venue suitable for playing music louder and later without being a bother for our neighbors. Our basic plan for the indoor season (MaiFest - Octoberfest) is to offer music as follows:

Saturdays:      9:00 – 11:00   preference on DANCE music, rock, country, pop, reggae, swing, oldies, etc.

* When we do have a cover charge, it is generally a promotional tool to generate likes on our Reverbnation mailing list. Customers who subscribe to our mail list will have their cover charge waived.  Any cover charges actually collected will be put into the tips for the musician.

The indoor space can be made available for talent that wants to run their own program and charge a cover charge. So, for those bands that need $400, $800, or whatever for a fee, we will work with you on friday nights. Call Steve to discuss.

We will of course make exceptions when we can to accommodate talent. 

For the most current status, please take a look at our calendar page to see which Fridays and Saturdays are still open. 

Now for the money part . . .

Friday nights:               $100 guaranteed, plus 1/2 music tips*
Saturday afternoons:    $100 guaranteed, plus 1/2 music tips*
Saturday nights:           $150 guaranteed, plus ALL music tips

*We will pay an extra $25+ cash plus all music tips if you arrive early and take some flyers around to help promote the show (we provide the flyer).

Having said that, we will have some flexibility on the money part. So, if you want to play, but need some more money, let us know and we will do what we can.

Fridays are best for out-of-town talent. Lodging is more available. And our local residents are more likely to attend. 

Saturdays are more geared to the tourists in town.

A word about the weather. Our outdoor venue is weather dependent. If weather is a concern a couple days in advance, just call. we will probably be able to move indoors. 

Traveling talent may want to try and add a venue nearby to help justify the time and expense of travel. Here are a few suggestions:

Next Town Heading East about 12 miles away: Cashmere

Devils Gulch Drinkery
New in 2011; owned by Troy Lindsay singer/songwriter/musician
Club Crow

Outpost Saloon 509 782-1415
3145 Main St

Nearest Big Town about 25 miles away: Wenatchee

The Ballroom 
509 264 4008

Caffe Mela 509 888-0374
17 North Wenatchee Avenue

Volcano Night Club

Next Tourist Town about 60 miles away: Chelan

The Vogue Lounge

I-90 Corridor Towns about 50 miles away: Cle Elum and Ellensburg

The Brick Saloon

Raw Space 509 993-2111

Talent on the road should also check in with the web site called Indie On the Move. It can be a big help in piecing together a tour schedule. We recommend it highly.

Der Hinterhof generally requires musicians to use the state of the art Bose system onsite.  

It may not look like much, but the Bose Level 1 System II simply blows away many traditional sound systems. 

The Bose has five inputs with four independent controls. if your setup calls for more inputs, you can feed through your mixer and then use the Bose sound board as a pass through.

Manuals are available on-site. you can also download the manual at Bose. Also of interest is the community of musicians that use this system. check it out!

In support of the PA system, we have available four Shure microphones with boom stands.  Our system was designed by the pros at Avalon Music in Wenatchee. Those guys are great.

"Your food and hospitality are second to none. We appreciate the support you give to the music community. We recommend Der Hinterhof to anyone and everyone who travels through Leavenworth." 
Beautiful Lies (Nick and Zach)

"Steve is good to work with, this venue is really fun, and once you dial in the PA - it sounds great.  Der Hinterhof is a great place to play." -  Mike Bills

"We had a great time playing at Der Hinterhof - despite the heat. Thank you for your hospitality and we'd be happy to come again sometime. i highly recommend playing here to any musicians looking to play a venue a little different in a beautiful setting."
Brownsville Hwy

"We had such a blast! Great place. Thanks for the good times"
Everett BOne

"Der Hinterhof was a great gig. Beautiful sound system, welcoming crowd, and the venue owner, Steve, really helped out by passing the tip jar for us. we felt appreciated and compensated. Well worth the drive."
Amy Bleu and Anne Rosen

"Thanks for having us.  We all enjoyed the beergarden very much. You have a great thing going there and I hope it lasts a long, long, time.   Best of luck in the future." - Cliff Simpson, Marilyn Kay & Co

"We just wanted to say thanks for the hospitality in Leavenworth.  We are hoping you will want us back." - Joe Calhoun The Lost River String Band 

"Steve, Thanks for having us out to Der Hinterhof over Labor Day weekend. As evidenced by the photo you posted here - the kids had a great time. For Zizzy's part, we enjoyed playing outside at night under your strings of lights. For my part, it was great to finish the gig then just walk up the stairs for the night - that was a great arrangement! We're glad stayed with you. Again, we really appreciate your venue - 
 Thanks very much"
Grant, Ryan, David and Karen of Zizzy Zi Zixxy

"Thanks again for a great gig.  Antony and I really enjoyed playing and were happy to have such an appreciative audience.  By, the way, we hit the town that night and everywhere we went people were complimenting us on the show.  So, given that you and Debbie are such gracious hosts with payment and hotel room, we would love to return any time you'd have us.  Be well.  Cheers for now."  David Guilbault
A note about Copyrighted music . . .

Der Hinterhof is considered a small venue that is exempt from paying BMI, SESAC or ASCAP for playing 'recorded' music. 17 U.S.C. § 110(5)(B) (i)-(ii) (2000) However, music performed live is believed not to be exempt. Therefore, artists performing at Der Hinterhof are asked to perform music that is either their own original works, in the public domain, has been licensed to the artist to perform or is included within the BMI, ASCAP or SESAC catalogs. The venue is responsible for royalty fees for the live performances. The artist is responsible for any on-site sales of music. Please respect the law.